Funeral Mass Readings

You are welcome to choose the First Reading, the Second Reading, the Responsorial Psalm, and the Gospel to be proclaimed at the Mass. 

 A full selection of choices can be found on this website (use the links above) and are also printed in Through Death to Life: Preparing to Celebrate the Funeral Mass Book. We will provide you with a copy.  

The Gospel is always proclaimed by the deacon or priest; however, the First Reading and the Second Reading may be proclaimed by a family member or friend who is willing and able to effectively proclaim the readings from the pulpit. We ask that each reader be a confirmed, practicing Catholic; however, special exceptions may be made to permit a member of another ecclesial community to take on the task of reader.

 We note that because this is a sacred liturgy, it is inappropriate for the readers to interject their own thoughts or words of condolence either before or after reading the scriptural passage.

Readings for Funeral Mass Planning

If you wish to participate in the liturgy planning of the Funeral Mass, you will need to make selections from the following categories:

  • The first reading:

    • If funeral mass is NOT during Easter Season, the first reading is from the Old Testament.  C1-C7 Selections

    • If funeral mass is during the Easter Season (the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday), the first reading is taken from the New Testament. C8-C11 Selections

  • The responsorial psalm is sung by the cantor between the first and second readings:  D1-D10.

  • The second reading is chosen from the New Testament. E1-E15 Selections

  • The Gospel is chosen from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. G1-G19 Selections