Additional Funeral Information


It is no longer the policy of the Catholic Church to prohibit cremation.  According to the wishes of the deceased or the surviving family, cremation is certainly permitted; however, cremains should be buried right after the funeral. If cremation is desired, it is recommended that it occur after the funeral service.  However, cremation may occur prior to the funeral; it is acceptable to place the urn of cremated remains in a prominent place in the church

Pre-Service Viewing

If the family wishes to offer pre-service viewing, they may do so for one hour prior to Mass.  

The reading of the obituary, along with notes of condolence, acknowledgement, poems and even eulogies should be done at the funeral home the night before.


Because we do incur expenses associated with funerals, we have established the following fees:  $300 for musicians (this pays both the cantor and the organist); $100 for the one-hour pre-service viewing in the church; and $100 for use of the church for the funeral service.  Additionally, you may inquire about customary donation amounts for the priest and/or deacon celebrants. 

Repast or Post-Funeral Reception

The Parish Center, located on St. Joseph’s property is available after the funeral or burial for a repast or post-funeral reception.  The Parish Center will accommodate approximately 350 people.  Please inquire about additional costs for use of the Parish Center.