Capital Campaign


Architect rendering, church exterior

Drawing is architect's rendering of the renovated church exterior, viewed from the parking lot.

Here's the latest update on our Capital Campaign: 


 Reprinted from the February 18, 2018 Parish Bulletin:


My Dear Parishioners,

I pray you are well and that this Lenten season will be spiritually enriching for you.  Aside from a few items yet to be finalized, we have essentially completed our addition to the church.  I greatly appreciate the feedback you offered me about the added space and the bathrooms.  It’s a success.  With that said, we are moving ahead with the next phase of our campus revitalization program. 

We have recently retained the services of Ben Dyer Associates to design a repaired and an expanded parking lot with a smarter flow of traffic.  They will also be designing a proper storm water management system for the campus.  This company has done great work for us in the past; I know this project will be no exception.  It is my hope that in this latest phase we will also be able to include sidewalks and better lighting with security cameras for the safety and cohesion of our campus.

As always, I promise to keep you updated as things move ahead.  If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know and I will do my best to address them appropriately.  Thank you for your continued support.  God bless you.

                                                                                                       Fr. Stokes